Hello, I’m Pragya – a Product Manager from New York.

A little bit about me

I’m Pragya Saboo — I work as a Product Manager at Oscar Health (a disruptive healthcare company based in NY), and I also run my non profitPROJECT XXI which I founded in June 2017. I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2017 with a B.S in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

I am actively involved in the Product Management community in the US and in India. I recently did a TEDx talk on integrating Systems Thinking and Design Thinking approach to solve daily problems. I also serve as the Indian Delegate to the United Nations ECOSOC Youth Forum.

Along side work, I am also the President of the NY Chapter of Georgia Tech’s Women Alumni Network, and a Rising Leader Board Member of Impact NY.

In my spare time I coach students in Product Managements across different platforms / schools and also conduct Bollywood fitness classes.


founded June 2017

PROJECT XXI dismisses the unbalanced emphasis on stellar academic grades in high schools and colleges, and focuses on the overall holistic development of students. Key areas of focus are: Personal Development, Professional Development, and Spiritual Development.

The main goal of PROJECT XXI is to provide the youth with the opportunity to pursue holistic education. Creating a habit of reading books, meditating, engaging in sports, having productive part-time activities, working towards goals, networking, and being generous and showing gratitude are some of those things which can turn a person towards developing an all rounded personality.


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